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Marantz future, built on heroes of the past

Marantz design is timelessly elegant. Expressing the musical soundscapes which the products create. Effortless control, immediate and accurate power, warmth of sound, material, touch and haptic feel.

Our philosophy of balance and symmetry is evident in our sound, and our designs. Authentic ingredients are interpreted and combined for each new piece of Hi-Fi and AV equipment.

To create our latest products, we went back to the origin of the brand, to create a future based on heroes of the past. Marantz design combines aspects of heritage, performance and contemporary luxury through finish and detailing.

Echoes of the hero products that established Marantz as a force in the world of sound - the Models 7,8,9,10 and more - can be seen throughout our lineup.

Four aspects of Marantz Design


Echoing the music instruments which inspire our design the overall form of a Marantz component communicates an unbiased reproduction of sound and its central role in the music experience.

The Porthole

On our original products, the porthole held a beautiful analogue VU meter, giving the user a view to the inner workings of their amplifier.

Today’s porthole is a window into the heart of a Marantz - whether analogue or digital.


Marantz sound is invariably described by listeners as warm and enveloping.

The material choices for Marantz products reflect that warmth in both colour and tactile feel.

The Marantz Mark

As a mark of reverence to our founder, and in reference to the performance of our Hi-Fi and AV equipment, the Marantz mark is placed at the pinnacle of the visual hierarchy of every product.

Expressing musicality

Music and sound are deeply linked to rhythm and pattern, from the golden ratio to harmonic curves. These expressive aspects of the design inform proportion and details conveying the passion of the artisans at Marantz.

Precision in the details

Highly detailed, perfectly finished details reflect the accuracy of the Marantz sound. Surfaces, buttons, rotary switches and interfaces are precise, have real physical weight when used and offer high levels of fidelity when in use. The quality of Marantz is expressed through these tiny, but crucial details.

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