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How Sound Travels

Marantz in Automotive

The Road to High Fidelity

Saul Marantz’s first product, the Audio Consolette, utilized his own car radio. Inspired by the experience, Saul moved the radio from car to apartment and enjoyed it to its fullest with his pioneering amplifier design. Perhaps then, it is only fitting that Marantz luxurious audio quality is adapted for the automotive space. Automakers can now add the rich sound, distinctive design language, and meticulous expertise of Marantz to their vehicle’s interior.

“The Marantz sound is warm and layered,…This is thanks to the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every component of every product.”

— Joel Sietsema

President, Marantz

Expert Interior Craftsmanship

Behind Marantz is a team of experienced audio engineers, product managers, and activation specialists – all of whom thrive on bringing luxury audio brands authentically to life in automotive and consumer products. Their expert knowledge has brought excellence to leading automotive partners, Tier 1 suppliers, and engineering centres around the world.

Marantz’s design language has always been true to its origins. Refined exterior elements give Marantz products their immediately recognizable character, communicating warmth and craftsmanship. For automotive, the ethos is exactly the same.

Under the skin, the system maintains the same acoustic properties as its home audio counterparts. The beloved Marantz design language flows through to the vehicle’s interior as well, providing the listener with visual reassurance that they are truly experiencing Marantz. The renowned porthole identifier, wordmark logo, and warm lighting effects are all beautiful reminders of the thought and detail that have gone into Marantz car audio systems.

Seamless Integration in Design

The Marantz Touch

Reflecting the symmetry of Marantz products, the enduring Marantz logo is applied centrally to the pressed aluminium bar, continuing to honor our founder.

Sound in Motion

Subtle lighting cues accent the wave-inspired mesh pattern, adding further motion and elegance to the mid-range component. Traditional aluminum strips evoke the same warmth and familiarity of a Marantz performance amplifier.

Display Worthy

The Marantz design philosophy also extends to the on-screen display. By using Marantz iconography and colour, the vehicle’s interior controls and interface become familiar, solidifying the feeling of interior harmony.

Surrounded in Luxury

Every Marantz product conveys a sense of musicality in its design. To achieve this, Marantz has replicated the warmth and texture in their sound with a stylized hue and finish. The high-end materials are complemented by deep muted tones, seamless instrumentation, and contemporary detailing.

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