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Marantz Amplified opens your ears to new music with curated playlists from the most intriguing people in sound – musicians, DJs, filmmakers and tastemakers. Channelling their expertise in sound, the selections from our artists were designed to introduce you to new styles, genres, and trends. Hear the tracks that helped create their musical personalities — the songs that inspired their mastery

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Akinola Davies Jr

Sundance-lauded filmmaker Akinola Davies Jr thinks of music in film as ‘crystallized emotion.” He creates flowing, lyrical and extremely personal cinema, bringing his signature visual style and intercontinental life experience to moving image projects. His established works range from hard-hitting documentaries to fashion ads for Gucci and Louis Vuitton. For his Marantz Amplified playlist Akinola shares a set of highly personal tracks that have inspired or soundtracked his films, especially his latest, the magical realist short, Lizard.


Radio Host

Clemency Burton-Hill

Few things compare to the grandeur of classical music played through a great system, and you won’t find a better guide to its bountiful soundscapes than the infectiously enthusiastic Clemency Burton-Hill. Her persuasive power stems from the fact that while she lives and breathes classical, it’s far from the only music in her life. So, in her unique Marantz Amplified playlist she’s selected tracks that mix styles and cross genres to carefully usher you in.



Gilles Peterson

For Gilles Peterson the hunt for great music is global, endless and all-encompassing. He is driven to share his discoveries as widely as he can, whether on one of his much-loved radio shows, his record label Brownswood, or at the two music festivals he founded. His unique Marantz Amplified playlist brings together lesser-known tracks from artists that he has personally discovered and nurtured throughout his lifetime in music.



Caroline Polachek

For Caroline Polachek, music is “vibrating air that we can have this really rich relationship with.” From synth band Chairlift to a meteoric solo career, her unconventional avant-pop has always explored sound and texture as much as melody. This year sees her star rising to new heights. To mark the moment, she has created a Marantz Amplified playlist that takes us deep into her eccentric inspirations.



Justin Strauss

Veteran DJ and life-long New Yorker Justin Strauss has been sharing the music he loves since the 1980s. Today, you can still find him curating energetic sets in the best nightclubs worldwide. Justin started off our Amplified series with a personal set that evokes his lasting love for his city. As the series continues, Justin will be introducing you to even more musicians, DJs and filmmakers, each with their own unique playlist.


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